Study concerning the impact of an exercise session carried out with the Head Balance® oral gymnastics device on the mitochondrial activity of oral cells (oxygenation).

The device is made of spring steel with two elastomer tips (food grade), the shape of which has been carefully designed so that the incisors and canines are positioned correctly. Pressure is thus restored to the entire jaw, allowing its use for anyone young or old or wearing a dental prosthesis. Through its well-centered position which causes a certain resistance, the muscles of the left and right sides work simultaneously. This device has been tested for several years. Very good results have been obtained by performing daily oral exercises with the device (Head-Balance).

The actions of Head-Balance on the temporomandibular joint, on the dynamic work of the muscles which relax and balance, make it of interest to dentists, in addition to occlusal splints. The exercises are not restrictive because they are short. Good jaw balance allows simple and precise work.

- Practicemorning and eveningmouth exercises.

- In seated position, place the device in mouth on the eartips side by positioning the incisors behind the enhancers.

- Chew 10 to 15 times slowly opening (1 to 1.5 cm max.) and closing the mouth without crushing the device the head straight, 10 to 15 times the head slightly turned to the left and 10 to 15 times the head slightly turned to the right. Do this series of exercises 3 times, taking a one-minute break between each series.

Erratum: it is advisable to turn your head much less during the exercises than in the video, i.e. turn very slightly 10° to the right and 10° to the left.

Balanced bodybuilding can be obtained naturally by doing daily oral gymnastics.