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Head Balance for healthcare professionals

DENTISTS Oral exercises with the Head-Balance device help to relax and balance the masticatory, neck and back muscles. Which acts directly on TMJ problems (dislocations, sub-luxations, SADAM etc.). The support is always placed on the location of the canines, which allows symmetrical and regular work. Regular exercises, three times a minute in the morning and evening before going to bed, according to a dental professor, cause deprogramming in the cortex as well as disocclusion, which acts against bruxism. Generally good results are obtained after a week. Good results have been observed on trismus.

The thesis presented by Dr. Zag Zag in November 2012 (available on the internet), demonstrates the benefit of its use for patients with post-radiation side effects* as a curative or preventative measure.
Good results are observed on the SADAM** in addition to a recentering or repositioning splint after four to six months. These exercises provide important assistance for dentists in their daily work. Osteopathic work is often recommended. * Refers to a pathological manifestation caused by radiotherapy (radiation disorders). ** algo-dysfunctional syndrome of the manducatory apparatus
PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, OSTEOPATHS, CHIROPACTORS, ... Oral exercises with the Head-Balance device are a valuable aid for all therapists, as they consolidate and stabilize  their work, relaxing and balancing the bodybuilding through masticatory bodybuilding. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, by email or via the formavailable on the site.