Head Balance

You should know that the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is of fundamental importance since its dysfunction can cause muscle tension throughout the entire body. Particularly at the level of theneck,can then lead to:

- migraines- headaches- neuralgia - dizziness- insomnia- fatigueor nervousness but also at the level of the thoracic and lumbar muscles, causing:
  • intercostal neuralgia
  • painin the shoulders
  • tendinitis elbows and wrists
  • problems with hips, knees orAchilles tendon

bruxism (grinding of teeth or clenching of jaws) amplifies these tensions.

However, thelinkisrarely madebetween aTMJ imbalanceand theillnesses described above (migraines, muscle tension, etc.), these symptoms are never addressed comprehensively. Manually we know how to make all the contractions of the body disappear, but we cannot balance. In fact, we can only balance through the mouth itself or the feet. As we see, the interest in maintaining this joint in the best possible condition is obvious!

The Head-Balance device is a support for doctors, because most patients have an imbalance in the temporomandibular joint. Health professionals who are familiar with this device are increasingly recommending it. Its ease of use and the natural results it provides make it almost essential as a complement to treatments. The result of the specialist's work is then made easier and notably more precise. The thesis presented by Dr. Zag Zag in November 2012 (available on the internet), demonstrates the benefit of its use for patients with post-radiation side effects* as a curative or preventative measure. Our observations over 20 years show that the use of this device is a valuable aid, in addition to all therapies, against bruxism, trigeminal or Arnold neuralgia, dizziness, as well as neck pain.

A good balance of masticatory strength allows the body to function properly.

Firming due to good blood supply to facial tissues has a preventive effect against wrinkles and promotes their reduction.

Indeed, with Head-Balance orofacial gymnastics, almost all the muscles of the face and neck are used. Thanks to this action, we obtain a good firming of the facial features. Vascularization and oxygenation at the cellular level are increased. It also acts on double chin and sagging due to time.


* Refers to a pathological manifestation caused by radiotherapy (radiation disorders).